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Topic: 10 Track SMiLE?

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The mystery about the 10-track Smile-album

The only physical proof that a 10-track SMILE album was even contemplated is a July 25, 1967 Capitol memo regarding the SMILE booklet (Capitol was sitting on 419,200 of them at the time). In it, Capitol A&R director Karl Engemann says that he had talked with Brian and "agreed with Brian that the best course of action would be to NOT include this booklet with the SMILEY SMILE package, but rather to hold it for the next album which will include the aforementioned 10 selections."

The problem:
"Heroes and Villains" and "Vegatables" weren't the only songs on the SMILE track list that were included on SMILEY SMILE. So were "Good Vibrations", "Wind Chimes" and "Wonderful". It's difficult to make sense out of the contradictions. Maybe "Good Vibrations", "Wind Chimes" and "Wonderful" initially were not planned for inclusion. There are, after all, four unreleased tracks from the SMILEY SMILE sessions: "Good News", "Hawaiian Song", "Good Time Mama" and a recording logged as "Untitled #2". Maybe three of those were going to be included in lieu of the three SMILE leftovers, which would have been held for the 10-track SMILE album. But, if that's the case, then should the assumption be that the concept of the 10-track SMILE album died even before SMILEY SMILE was released in September? That certainly would explain the inclusion of the three additional SMILE leftovers. But that leads to another question: If the 10-track SMILE album was dead by September and Capitol didn't formally assign the Brother 9003 designation to WILD HONEY until Oct. 13 (according to another Capitol memo), then what WAS Brother 9002? Maybe it was the LEI'D IN HAWAII…but that was to come out after WILD HONEY, according to the unreleased liner notes.

As for #9002, perhaps it WAS originally reserved for the Hawaii live album. Then, in September while the live tapes were being worked on, they (Brian and/or the group) decided that there wasn't enough material that they were comfortable with to fill a complete album. So, Wild Honey was hastily born - originally with the idea to include one Hawaii track as a "teaser" for a forthcoming live album. (Note that the original WH notes said that the live album would contain "highlights from a variety of live shows".) Given that the Wild Honey single began to climb the charts fairly quickly (before stalling out), the group may have decided that the pseudo-R&B sound was the best way to go - and that meant jettisoning anything to do with SMiLE (except, curiously, "Mama Says"). Thus, "Cool Cool Water" was out, and "How She Boogalooed It" was in. Also, "The Letter" was pulled because the release of a live album was no longer certain. So, could all of this transpired because Brian and the group panicked in September when (a) the H&V single began to sink, (b) Smiley Smile bombed, and (c) they didn't like the tapes they brought back from Hawaii? It almost makes sense.

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