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Topic: SMiLE and Astrology?


DYLW = Sagittarius = fire
WC = Capricorn = earth [Van Dyke]
H&V = Aquarius = air
SU = Pisces = water
GV = Aries = fire
CE = Taurus = earth
Wonderful = Gemini = air
IIGS = Cancer = water
CIFOTM = Leo = fire
TE = Virgo = earth
V-T = Libra = air
TOMP = Scorpio = water

OR something else if the track order was different than the jacket proof.

Fire = explosive, volatile, energetic
Earth = practical, cautious, reliable [Van Dyke]
Air = intellectual, thoughtful, philosophical [Brian]
Water = emotional

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Replying to Original Article:

A few days ago, there was some discussion here about the zodiac symbols on the back of the Smile cover. Is it possible that Brian might have originally intended each song to represent a sign? For example: Wonderful- Virgo Surf's Up- Aquarius Any thoughts on this? Article: Would those tapes - those were transported back & forth - also be insured by the record company? (Meaning, whatever was put onto tape must have had some monetary value for the record company, regardless of the finished product

If you have any comments on this topic, and I will try to promptly post any interesting replies.