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Topic: Barnshine

Date: 08/3/01 09:58:28 PM

Subject: Re: Re: Re: the continuing adventuresof Barnshine

It's the exact same piece of music (even the same basic recording) as the end of the Cantina version of H&V, with an additional overdub of Mike singing the lyrics to You Are My Sunshine over it in a different melody. 4 bars have been editted out of the beginning, but that's what it is. Brian appropriated it later for use in Heroes And Villains, but it was tracked at the very same session that produced the master for the rest of My Only Sunshine, and in fact was tracked as "Part C" of that song. It has been booted, but it does not appear on any of the popular Smile boots, nor is it on SOT 16. The Barnyard reference is because in the early days of Smile booting, many boots mistakenly called the piece(minus the Mike overdub) Barnyard.

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To further the comments of my good friend Mr. Hanes, I was approached somewhere around 1995 by a gentleman who wanted to sell an acetate of "The Old Master Painter / You Are My Sunshine" which segued right into the fake "Barnyard" with "You Are My Sunshine" lyrics underneath. The fellow had purchased it, along with another acetate ("Bluebirds Over the Mountain", I believe), from a record dealer, who had obtained them from Shawn Love after Dennis died. He sent me a photcopy of the labels, which I still have somewhere. The "Barnshine" acetate had a plain white label (e.g. no studio markings), with nothing on it except the typed words "MY ONLY SUNSHINE". By that time I already had the vocal version on collector's tapes, plus the fellow wanted a significant sum of money for the acetates (more than aguy paying off the student loans from his MBA could afford!), so I passed on it, and referred him to Peter Reum. I believe Peter went halfies with David Leaf, and they purchased the acetate. From what I understand, David subsequently gave it to Brian Wilson for his personal collection. Since the master tape has supposedly turned up missing, the acetate is likely the best (and possibly only) source for "My Only Sunshine". (Off the subject, but Shawn apparently ended upselling a number of Dennis' acetates after he died; in addition to these two, I know of acetates of "Slip On Through" (mono/stereo), "Slip On Through" (Murry &Carl 3rd mix), "Cabinessence" (stereo 20/20 mix), "San Miguel" (in-progress dub w/o castanets), and "Surf Again" (early version of "Do It Again") that allegedly came from Shawn one way or another. There were probably more...) Lee

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Are you asking what is barnshine? If so, the answer is, that it is the tag, of what once was know as, barnyard, and is now commonly refered to as, the false barnyard. The version in question, incorporates the Hum-be-dum-be-do chorus and strings and instrumentation with Mike Love singing You Are My Sunshine, under, and counter to the hum-be-dum-be-doo,riffs. It was connected to the first version of the Dennis vocal, You Are My Sunshine that I ever possessed. I named it Old Master Painter/You Are MySunshine/Sunyard Barnshine, the barnshine part stuck, and when years later, Jon Hunt emerged into his glory,as co-moderator of the SMiLE Shop, he and I exchanged that information, lo, those many years ago! Back inthe day, when one got a copy, of the OMP/YAMS, even the non Dennis vocal version, the humbedumbedoo, was always a part of it. Later on that chorus started turning up as an independant piece of it's own, though we now know it isn't.(I think!?) I am not refering to the tag to part one of H&V, there is a distinct difference, between the two. When the reference tapes were compiled for Capitol, the barnshine portion, went strangely missing. Maybe Mark Linett knows what happened, and maybe he doesn't. It's just a thought, nd complete conjecture on my part.

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I was just reading the earlier post about Barnshine and now I'm becoming confused. I've always thought that it was OMP, have I missed something? The version of 'OMP/you are my sunshine' that I have is 1 minute and 9 seconds long, is this too short? I thought I had everything. Sorry to drag this up again but could somebody please either detail exactly what it sounds like or point to where I could find it on the web.

If you have any comments on this topic, and I will try to promptly post any interesting replies.