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Handy Dandy Links Page....
updated 10-18-2001

Some of my fave links

Extra tripod EAR CANDY mag
Britney Spears Interview revised!
Airport Noises Official Web Page

Kim's page
Koalaty Presentations
EC Backup site (geocities)
EC Backup site (angelfire)
Original Britney Spears Interview!

Sarcastic, fun & twisted

Anti Hippie Action League
Consumption Junction
Blok's Page
Beer Church
Flying Cows

Lettermans Top 10
Ron Daniels
Dress Jesus Up!!!
Uncovered TV

Elvis Church
Another Elvis Church!
Computer Funny

Very very small country!
Charles Manson
Digitalfilms-make your own movie!
Legend of snowball
You kicked my dawg

mike love dressup
Carl Normal dressup
Sister Taffy
church of satan
Jack the Ripper

Renaissance Cursing
'70s Saturday TV Shows
Sick Puppy Dress up

Cool talk & chat

John Cam
Flakey cams
Metal Flakes

Cam Chat
Cam Chat Newsletters
Sick Puppy

Helpful info

Map Quest
Find Stuff-Sleuth page

Glen Beck
Completely Free Software
DeKalb Library

Slot machine facts
Slot machine tips
History of Vegas
Another History of Vegas

Drudge Report cool used books!!!!
Hunting in Georgia

8 ways to beat a traffic ticket
Language translator
Creative Loafing Atlanta

Packing Tips
Office of Jack Pyburn
Australian Cattle Dogs
One Spirit Book Club

Radio, sounds and music
Home of the Kimmer (WGST)
Funny wavs
KLBJ radio
KWED radio

WAV Place-sound effects
KWED radio
WGST radio
The Corey and Jay show

Web site design, etc

So, You Want to make a web page!
Find a picure here!
Media builder
candle gifs
Venus animated gifs

Animation Factory
AceHTML unofficial site
Scrub the net
I need
Search engines
animated gif finder
animated gif index


Glen Beck

Rush Limbaugh

Music various

Beach Boys trade list
Beatles trade list
U.S. Postal Rate Calculator
Cool Storage

Napster Alternatives
Cool Lyric search
U.S. Copyright office

Druid Info

Olde Stone Grove site
Olde Stone Grove site (old site)
Clannada na Gadelica (compilation of triads)
The Enchanted Druid Order
Irish Mythology

the grove of Dobhran
animal lore
Cattle Raid
Celtica Spirituality
Ethics of Druidism

Gateway to Celtic Spirituality
Information page on Wicca philosophy/terms
Druidism Guide
#1 Druid Page of Druidism

Celtic History
Common Gaelic greetings

Celtic Connection-Mythology and Folklore
Mythology of Ireland
Celtic Clipart
Fionn's Wheel in the Summerlands
The Ulster Cycle

Celtic Resources
Search Online Gaelic Dictionaries
Celtic Clipart A-C
Willow's Grove
The Summerlands

Celtic Gods & Goddesses
Enchanted Art
Celtic Wheel of the year
Pagan archives and mythology sources
The Druids

The Wanderings of Oisin
Old Ireland - History: FIONN AND THE FIAN


The official Beatles website
The Beatleg Project
Here, there and everywhere Beatle links
Beatles guitar tabs list of sites
Beatle lyrics & album covers

Beatles Ultimate Experience
Unsurpassed Links
Paul McCartney chord archives
With the Beatles
Off the Web Paul McCartney site

Abbeyrd's Beatle Page
Beatles-alternate album covers
Cool Beatles Sites
Lennon Assasination Theories
Wings tour 1972

Beatle What-If Site-1970
Beatle What-If Site-together
Beatle What-If Site-Beatles3
Beatle What-If Site-beatleart
Beatle What-If Site-beatleart cds

Beach Boys sites

Tripod Smile Deli site (pyschedelismile)
Search for Dumb Angel
Al Jardine article
Beach Boys Smile Project
Bradco Smile Listings
The Fool - Smile listening room

Yet Another SMiLE Page
New Smile Shop Site!
The Psychedelicatessen!
Yahoo SMiLE-ing club.
Adam's Smile Resource Website

the Smile File site.
the SMiLE Shop!
Smile Shop Message Board
Zen Interpretation of Smile.

Official Brian Wilson site
Brian Wilson message board
Brian Wilson article! (talks about Smile)
Yahoo Smile File Sharing club.
Smile Listing Page

SMILE- bradco
Have a SMILE Today-Bradco
Jeff's Nearest Faraway Place audio page
French Beach Boys trading site
The Many (mis) Adventures of the Beach Boys

Lucas Cestari's - My Smile Recipe
Fishwrap Smile Edition
Dr. Progresso - The Beach Boys Smile
Smile article-Dec 2000
Smile-The lost masterpiece by Brian Wilson

Nearest Faraway Place
Smile cover image
Columnated Ruins
Beach Boys Britain Message Board
Brian Wilson Play

Beach Boys Unofficial Fan site
Eric Aniversario's Beach Boys Page!!!

Project Smile egroup
Project Smile web page
Brian Wilson
Beach Boys SOT 18
Beach Boys the Brothers Years

Strange Brianista site?!
Project Smile backup site
Holy Church of SMiLE
Yet Another SMiLE Page backup (texastrader)
Yet Another SMiLE Page-backup site (geocities)

Cool Bands & Music

The Partridge Family Temple
C'mon Get Happy
Bubblegum World
The Classic Bubblegum Music Page

Another Rutles page
Neil Innes official site
Celtic Cafe
Have a Cool Yule

Retro Rewind
All Music Guide
Rutles official site

Wondermints fanpage
The Moonbabies web site
Brian Jones-cool pics
Dash Rip Rock Official Site

Who webring
Who rarities
Kiss Official Site
Performer Mag Homepage

Texas (the band, not state!)
Texas (the band, not state!)
Minnie Tee
Slut Puppy

Spinal Tap
Doctor's Mob
Ray Davies official site

Scritt Scrat
Kaapeli Yoko Ono info
Capitol Records official site