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Sounds: The Elements

I finally found a FREE program that will let you join some mp3 files, so I’ve finally gotten around to doing a few mp3 “mixes” of “The Elements”. I use the term “mixes” loosely, since it is basically a joining of pieces, nothing more. Anyway, enjoy and if you want to do this yourself, drop me a line and I’ll tell you the URL so you can get this mp3 program for free yourself!

The first version, which I call the “concise” version, times in at 3:45. It uses a bare-bones approach, following some of the discussions on the message board.

The second version, I call the ‘everything-and-the-kitchen-sink” version. It times in at 6:36. I experimented a little more with this one, adding some sections which we KNOW are historically innacurate (i.e. some SOT 18 stuff and Smiley Smile stuff).

For my concise
version of "The Elements" Click here to download

For my everything-and-the-kitchen-sink
version of "The Elements" Click here to download

Sherlock Wilson and his faithful partner Van

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