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Topic: Newest SMiLE Rumours?

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Brian (posted by Brian Wilson on January 15, 2001)
Message: I have said a couple of times now that I (Brian Wilson) the creator of Smile, have a plan for it. No one is trying to make you feel bad for digging my music and if you just listen to me and trust me and show some patience it will happen. When I can tell you more about my plan, I will, but for now Trust you Must. You guys can ask my wife, the more someone tries to push me in a direction I do not want to go, the more I withdraw. Maybe that comes from my Dad constantly trying to tell me what I should and should not do, but be that as it may.....that's what I end up doing. The reason lately that I have felt so motivated is because I do not have people pulling on me in every direction. For the first time in my life, I am doing what I want to do and it feels sooooo good. Take care man and just cool out. Brian

Yahoo! Chat with Brian Wilson on Tuesday, July 11, 2000 at 6:30pET/3:30pPT.
sco_pinn asks: Will we ever get to hear the album "Smile"?
brian_wilson_live: No, not until next year maybe.
brian_wilson_live: Maybe the spring.

vega_table asks: Have you any plans to reassemble any unreleased material?
brian_wilson_live: Unreleased material? Not really.>
brian_wilson_live: I guess it depends. What would you like to hear?
brian_wilson_live: :)

verlaine24 asks: Was that comment about Smile next spring just teasing us?
brian_wilson_live: yeah. It was. :D

Posted by Brian Wilson on August 10, 2000
Message: Hi Leon, as I have posted recently, I have a Master Plan for Smile. I doubt if it will happen by your birthday. In this plan I made no mention of a CD. Everyone has just kind of jumped to that conclusion. I can not say anything else on the subject. I promise you, when it happens it will be a worth while project. In many interviews I have said that we junked the tapes. Of course, that is not true. It's an easy way for me to not have to revisit the Smile topic in every single interview I do. The tapes are in a safe place, so rest assured when the time is right, I will do right by Smile. Have a wonderful 50 and keep the faith man. L&M Brian

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