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Topic: SMiLE Booklet?

The booklet planned for SMiLE album

Posted December 10, 1998:
When ever I read a history of the facts surrounding SMILE, there is always a mention of the fact that CAPITOL printed up 10,000 sleeves for the record. Is there any6 truth to this? If so, where are they now?

Posted by December 10, 1998:
Brad could shed more light on this but here goes, according to an internal memo 400,000+ copies of the 12 page booklet were ordered in Dec '66, presumably an equal number of album jackets were also made. Some of the jackets and booklets were distributed to dealers to use as an in-store display. The rest were warehoused by Capitol until they were destroyed in '69 (I think). If any of the "dealer" jackets/booklets survived I don't think they have come to the attention of the public. Frank Holmes might have a copy or two and Guy Webster might and maybe a few unknown Capitol employees. Queens Litho no longer has a file on SmiLE, one of the possible jacket fabricators does not have a file and other two are long out of business as is the seperator.

Posted December 11, 1998:
Reportedly, there are less than a dozen original "SmiLE" covers in existence. The one in the R&R Hall of Fame is on loan to them from Frank Holmes. Supposedly, the remaining 400,000 were placed in storage at a warehouse in Pennsylvania until they were finally destroyed in the late 1980s. With the value of the Beatles "Butcher" cover, I'm real curious of the value of any of the surviving album covers.

Posted 9/14/99:

352,000 Smile covers and 325,000booklets - at the Scranton, PA plant.
114,000 Smile covers and 94,200 booklets - at the Los Angeles plan.

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