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Topic: Smiley Smile Interview

This 1967 radio interview with Brian has a few references to the SMiLE tracks which preceeded Smiley Smile. Here is a segment from the interview:
We, you know did it in 3 weeks. We had about 6 months before that we we're doing different things that we junked. And we ended up doing the whole thing here at the house with a sort of entirely different mood and approach than we originally started out.

Using Aug. 3rd as a start date for SMiLE, you can infer from Brian's statement that SMiLE ended around February of 1967. True, there was a May 1966 session for Heroes & Villains and Good Vibrations was Brian's main project during June-August 1966. So I could be wrong on the "official" start date of SMiLE. Anyway, its an interesting thought.

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